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Party Kit


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The full party-kit is designed to take you right from the initial planning stages all the way through to the throwing of the You Party. Included are both digital and printed resources for all your party needs, including game resources, invitations, banners, posters, checklists and more.

All resources included in the kit enable you throw all four options-  Wonderful, Incredible, Spectacular and Awesome You parties. Also included is an instructional ‘why party’ video all about You Parties and their impact.

The full party-kit also comes with a copy of the You Book as a gift for the party child, to document their own life story with pages full of space to complete their likes, loves, dreams, dislikes, and fears, as well as plenty of space to store photos and memories. One party-kit can be used to throw as many parties as desired, with only a few additional items needing to be replaced.

Party Kit Includes:

  • USB with  digital files
  • Introduction letter
  • Business card
  • Welcome booklet
  • Party guide for all four party options (Wonderful, Incredible, Spectacular, Awesome)
  • Happy-You Day Cards
  • You Parties balloons
  • “You Book” for party-child


Digital & printable files on USB

  • Printable customised invitations
  • Purpose game instructions
  • You Cards for Wonderful/Incredible/Spectacular/Awesome purpose games
  • Scavenger Hunt Game template
  • Extra ‘Happy You Day’ card templates
  • Happy You Day bunting banner printable
  • Happy You Day welcome poster
  • Foster family questionnaire
  • Child Registration form
  • Our Commitment Form for You Parties team