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My You Book




This book is designed to be given to the ‘party-child’, and for children living in out-of-home care. For many children living in out-of-home care, it is helpful to record information and memories in order to create a wholistic sense of identity through childhood experiences. For this reason, we worked with experts in child therapy and psychology to bring together this resource.

Similar to life-story work, this book allows children to fill out pages all about their hopes, dreams, fears, memories and more. The book contains pages to fill out with their loved ones, to help children and their families identify gifts and skills, write stories, record likes and dislikes, as well as document things children can and cannot do for themselves.

This book is designed to help document the stories and details of a child’s life, as well as help families and carers know their children well. It is an ideal gift for children living in out-of-home care to help them know and understand what makes them special, and who loves and cares for them.

Please note, this book is included in the purchase of each Party Kit. If you wish to purchase the You Book separately to the Party Kit, please contact us at We have options for you as an individual, or for your team or organisation to purchase in bulk if need be.